Sunday, 3 February 2019

Mickey Mouse Rock n Roll Rhinestone Shirt

How to make a Mickey Mouse Rock n Roll Rhinestone Shirt

Good morning/afternoon everyone.  Kristina here with my latest Helmar blog post.  I had the theme of Rock n Roll, now I am the least Rock n Roll kind of person in the world.  I do love Disney though.  What does Disney and Rock n Roll have to do with each other???  Well, Mickey Mouse does the Rock n Roll symbol with his hand!  So I thought that it would look stunning as a rhinestone design on a black shirt, using Helmar's Gemstone Glue.


Helmar Products Required:
Helmar Gemstone Glue

Other items necessary to complete project:
Shirt, preferably a dark colour
Old paintbrush
Tracing Paper

Here is the traceable I have made from the design pictured:

The first step is to copy the traceable onto either tracing paper, or normal paper.  Then cut the traceable out, making sure to carefully cut out the fingers so you know where the black on the shirt should stay.
Place this on your shirt, taking care not to have the design to high or too low, then trace over the whole thing in chalk.

The next step is to start gluing the rhinestones on using the Helmar Gemstone Glue.  I began with the vertical line on the cuff, then I started on the bottom of the hand.  Pay attention to the lines and neatness, try to keep it relatively straight.  I used the old paintbrush to paint a little line of the glue onto the shirt, then placed the rhinestones onto the glue.
You just keep gluing the rhinestones on, making sure you leave a gap where the black part of the fingers are.
Make sure you leave the glue to dry for at least 24 hours before even thinking about washing the shirt.  When I did wash mine, every single rhinestone stayed attached, nice and firm on the shirt.
This is a picture straight after washing the shirt.  I was really impressed with the strength of the gemstone glue.  The final step is to let it dry and then wear your awesome, unique, one of a kind Disney Rock n Roll t shirt out to the next concert you are attending.  You never know, we may bump into each other at the next Pink concert, ballet recital, or even Disney on Ice!!
Until then, keep your creativity light glowing, and stock up on Helmar products and all those shiny shimmering pretty things that make life so sweet.

IMG_8102IMG_8102 IMG_8111IMG_8102

One final word, please remember that Disney is a copyright giant, it is fine to make things like this for yourself or to give to another person, but please don't charge any money for Disney inspired products.  For your own sake.  So create away! And give away!


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