Wednesday, 9 January 2019

The Artoholics Box Design Team Call Out

The Artoholics Box
An Australian Monthly Art Supply Subscription Box
Design Team Call Out

I have some awesome and exciting news, I have begun the journey into small business!!!  It's a scary and unknown time, but I am determined to make this work, and to make this the best Art Supply box ever!

Just some quick information on the boxes, they will be starting in March, so you need to get an order in before February 22, as the boxes are very limited in number at this stage.  They contain 6+ full sized art products, in different mediums and techniques each box.  We will venture into sculpting, sgraffito, drawing, painting both oil and acrylic, copics and lots lots more planned.  The box comes with a full description of the techniques involved and a tutorial that can be made with the items in the box.  With plenty left over for other projects.  

Shipping will be free in Australia only.

So please check out my website and make a pre order of the March box, you won't be disappointed.  I am putting everything I can into making these boxes awesome.  


Here is a sneak peak of the tutorial included within the March box, which is Acrylic based.

And the even bigger news is that I am looking for a design team.  You will need to have a YouTube account with at least 500 followers.  Instagram is also a must.  You will be required to unbox on YouTube and also make a tutorial on YouTube with the products in the box.  This means you must be confident in a number of different mediums, pencils, painting, sculpting, charcoal etc.  This is only open to Australian residents, and applications must be in by January 22nd 2019.  If you wish to apply please pm me at the facebook page listed above, with a short bio, all your social media links, and a quick list of what art mediums you are confident in.   

I will be more active in my blogs and YouTube account this year, because I am determined to inspire the world.

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Xmas pudding cake shoes handmade.

Xmas Pudding Shoes and Decoupage shoes
for less than $12

Good Morning, Afternoon everyone in the blogging world.  I decided to put away my Bah Humbug for the day and I designed these awesome Xmas pudding shoes, with Santa on the heel holding it all together.  I also did a quick decoupage xmas canvas shoe, that took less than ten minutes to do, and honestly cost me less than $2.  I bought the black canvas shoes from the Op Shop for $1, and everything else I already had on hand.  Here are the glamour shots of these festive beauties......




To begin with you will need a pair of high heel shoes for the Xmas pudding design, and almost any kind of shoe will work for the decoupage shoes.  

These are the products I used from Helmar:

Crystal Kote Matte or Gloss Varnish
Helmar Craft and Hobby PVA Glue
Scrap Dots 
Premium Craft Glue and 
Super Tac Glue
Other required items are:
Xmas decorations
Brown Acrylic Paint
White Acrylic Paint
Wrapping paper with xmas designs you want on the decoupage shoes

Ok so to begin with I sat down in front of the television and began watching Xmas shows, yep, I did that. 
I cut out lots of xmas pictures from wrapping paper, and xmas tissue paper ready to be glued onto the black canvas shoes.  
Once I had everything cut out I just glued them onto the canvas shoes where ever I wanted them to be with the Helmar Craft and Hobby PVA glue. 
I used a paintbrush to put the glue on the shoe, then I placed the pictures on top, then another layer of glue on top of the pictures. I added some tiny little xmas bows using the I had to decorate the edges, to add some sparkle to it.  Must have sparkle!!
Once I had done this, I decided to get some of the xmas ball decorations that go on a tree, and I used the Super Tac Glue to adhere them to the edges of the shoes.  Once dry, spray with the Helmar Crystal Kote Varnish spray and there you go.  A quick, inexpensive and unique pair of everyday xmas shoes to wear around town.


Christmas Pudding Shoes

I found these cheap pair of high heels in the Op Shop, $5, absolutely perfect for what I wanted them for.  The only type of shoe I didn't want was a fabric one like canvas, it would just make it a little harder to paint.  It can still be done though.
The first step, or it can be the last step if you think Santa will get in your way, is to glue santa, or a bauble onto the heel of the shoe.  Now I tried a number of different ways to do this and I found the Premium Craft Glue to be the best way to adhere Santa in the shortest amount of time.  

After Santa was happy, I glued on some more of those little xmas balls across the bottom seam of the shoe, using the scrap dots from Helmar.  It is quick and easy to apply and I could raise and lower the little balls as much as I wanted.  

I had two little bells with some mistletoe attached that I thought would look perfect on the front of the shoe.  I attached them using Super Tac Glue.  Some red ribbon added to the front of the shoe with PVA glue makes them look like a wrapped up pudding.

I'm betting no one else is going to have these festive shoes at that work Xmas party!

Now for the icing of the pudding I wanted it to be layered and dripping.  Premium Craft Glue is the perfect choice for this part.  I applied a thick layer across where I wanted the icing to approximately end, allowing for some dripping,  I then filled in the rest of the top of the shoe with the glue and allowed it to dry.  It took less than fifteen minutes before I could paint the icing.  It honestly is that quick.


I tipped the shoes a little before the glue dried to get the drips of icing.  I then painted the icing in white paint, it needed about two coats.  I painted the rest of the shoe in raw umber (brown) acrylic paint, and they are completed.  When the paint is fully dry I recommend using the Crystal Kote Varnish spray just to protect everything.

This is the first coat of paint, to get a nice even coverage at least two coats of paint are required.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.  Fingers crossed for an Arty New Year!!

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