Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Painting a 3d resin doughnut


This is the finished doughnut with the resin on it.

Fairly different from what I originally painted, and I am definitely not happy with the resin on the icing only.  I mean the concept is great, I love it, if i had of pulled it off.  Unfortunately the second I sat down to perform this delicate operation my boys decided to invade my studio/garage.  That was fine, they were playing, I was slowly pouring the resin trying to get it in the right spot without moving.  Then the circus began, I won't go into details but it ended in a remote car having a broken mirror because it got run over by a bike, intense and very loud screaming by the four year old.  Attempts were taken to run over my 15 year old with a bike, my dog running around like a crazy animal knocking stuff over, climbing into shelves and bumping into me.  Needless to say I could've done better, but at least I won't forget my first attempt thanks to my adoring and loving children lol.

To begin with I just drew a doughnut, simple doughnut.  I wanted icing dripping as the whole plan was to do resin on it.

Then as I've been taught by youtube videos, I have to block in my colours.  I had decided the icing was going to be chocolate, the background black and I wanted a plate in it.  Sounded awesome to me, I was debating putting sprinkles on.  So here is what the blocking in process ended with:

Pretty basic, but a starting point.  I used liquitex basics and heavy body for this process, the yellow ochre I have is lumpy.  Cottage cheese like and is a son of a gun to spread, because it is off.  I have bought quite a few liquitex basics that are off.  At $10.48 each it's beginning to get expensive.  Liquitex has been nothing but helpful to me once I decided to email them regarding the problem.  So thumbs up to a company that recognises there are imperfections.

As you can see I did the background black, I thought it was freaking awesome, popping the white plate right out, but then I noticed the icing was vanishing into the black.  So I made the decision to change the background colour.  To red.

Here I was thinking I had done well, but after intense angry staring at it trying to figure out what was wrong, I realised I had done a faux pas.  Red, red is warm.  Warm colours come to the front, cool colours recede.  I wanted the doughnut to be coming forward, but the red background was stopping it because it was warm.  So another background change.

Now the blue made me happy.  It was actually a new blue I had just got, and OMG it was so pretty.  So of course the unhappy artist in me wanted to make it better by trying to make the blue into a wrinkled tablecloth.  Nope, didn't succeed with that one, still quite disappointed in myself for that.  Must practice wrinkles..........

Anyway I finished painting and let it dry for three days.  Over that three days I got a serious case of man flu and could barely even stay awake.  The pain was real, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.  

When I had partially recovered it was time for the resin, the bit I was terrified to do and yet excited as well.

This is everything I use for my resin paintings. not get resin on your fingers if you have issues with sticky annoying stuff being stuck on you for like ever!!!!  Ugh I hate it on me.  I buy my resin from Solid solutions

I have not had any issues as yet with their resin, and the more I buy the cheaper it is.  It does have quite a few bubbles when mixing the two parts together but when I pour they just seem to disappear.  

Placing the canvas on four upturned plastic cups I place a level on it to ensure it is straight and well, level.

Since I wanted the resin harder than usual before I poured, so I could control where it went, I added a little more hardener than part a, and I had to wait about ten minutes after thoroughly mixing the two parts together before I attempted anything.  If i didn't wait then the resin would self level over the whole painting and I would have no control.  That would be fine if that was what I wanted.

I have to credit my 9 year old son Lucas for taking a plethora of photos for me, he was a fantastic helper.

I am taking tiny bits of resin using my wooden stick and slowly dripping it on the icing on the doughnut.  Guiding where I want the resin to go.  This definitely worked, it is the way to go, only go slow, don't have a circus in your garage and GO SLOW.

I messed up a couple of lines, because I thought I was clever and could make it thicker, nope, it self leveled.  Cursing myself for that but lesson learnt.

Just slowly dripping the resin along the icing lines.

Trying to guide the resin to where I want it.  Next time I will just do one drip on the parts where I wanted just a high circle.  Not two.  Do not do two!!!!
I had to quickly get my flame thrower 😂 and blow it along the top of the doughnut, obviously not touching the resin with the flame.  This is so I can bring the bubbles to the top and pop them with the heat.  No one wants bubbly resin, unless of course you do, then so be it.  Rephrase, I don't want bubbly resin in this particular project 😜

After using my flame thrower (lighter) a few more times every few minutes, I covered the doughnut in it's box, making sure the lid would not touch it while it dried.  I left it to dry for 24 hours.  It depends on the resin you have as to how long you wait until it isn't sticky.  Even after that 24 hours, it's is still kind of sticky, we are humid here in QLD so maybe that affects it.  So if I wanted to paint on top of the resin I would normally wait about 3-4 days for it to dry thoroughly.  Do not use oil paints on top of resin.  It isn't recommended, or it won't work, or both.

I considered adding those straight beads you can get as sprinkles into the resin as it was drying, but I decided not to.  If I did that I would have to do another clear layer of resin on top of them, as I wanted it smooth and shiny.  It could be done without the second layer of resin, adding texture to a painting is always fun.  I might do that in the future.

Or sprinkles could be painted on top of the resin if so desired.  Whatever takes your fancy.  

Here is my doughnut in all of it's glory.  No actually I still need to varnish the area of the doughnut I did not put resin on.  Then it's finished.

I'm relatively pleased, for a first attempt.  I have learnt some things along the way that I will use next time.

I will be back next week with another blog entry, I have many things on the go, I just can't wait to show you what I'm getting up to.  Mother's Day is also coming up here in Australia, and I have something planned for my Mother to blog about as well.

Have a wonderful week.
Use you imagination.
Accept yourself.