Friday, 4 May 2018

Painting a Pug for the Charity Auction for Pugs SOS, giving away my baby. Auction tonight 5th May.

Just a quickie for today!

Well, as the title says I am giving away my acrylic pug painting to a well deserved charity who work desperately hard to help all pugs in need.  Pugs SOS........Facebook Pugs sos

This is my baby, as we all know I love Pugs, and when I thought about how I could possibly help, I decided to ask the charity Pugs sos if a painting would be any help to them.  I'm hoping this raises some money for the charity and for all the fur babies in need.  Gotta love the pugs.

I was not happy starting this painting, I actually had a completely different painting and approach in mind.  Then my usual panic started, and I just could not function or get anything right.  It just didn't make me happy no matter what I painted.  Complete failure and embarrassment was imminent (I may sometimes be considered a little melodramatic, just a touch).

Then my husband said to me the most important words I think he's ever spoken.  He said "Paint for me ."  Oh my God, the second I began to think of the painting as mine, for me, for my house, it just began to flow from me.  No more pressure, I am painting for me, and me only.  No one else matters, and if it fails I can just start again.

So I quickly sketched out a pug face with his fluffy ears and curly tail, and the tongue, I needed the tongue to be perfect.  And bubbles, I wanted bubbles.  Originally I wanted bubbles on his nose but that just wouldn't work how I wanted it to.

Honestly this stage took about ten minutes to do.  I have found that I like to paint a quick grey tone of my paintings, it just gives me an idea of what to do and what it might look like.

So he goes from being monochrome to slightly painted in, mainly in yellow ochre.  I'm not confident at this stage, getting a little worried, but I persisted.  Perspective is difficult for me sometimes.  I can stare and stare at a painting and not get it, then I'll come back the next day and bam epiphany.

I got some pouncers and made the outline of some bubbles to fill in the black void around him.

And voila, I went from sheer panic and artists block to painting my magnificent baby.  He is only my second fur baby I've painted so with time I will get better and better.  That is my only goal, to get better (and be the best ever ) lol.  So I probably should thank David for supporting me and calming down my teeny tiny little panics that I have.  :)

Please goto the Pugs sos facebook page, tonight, the link is above, and bid for this beautiful baby.  He is definitely worth it.

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