Monday, 3 September 2018

Refurbishing my old miniature doll house room box, tutorials soon on youtube. And previewing my miniature lamington and fairy bread polymer clay Youtube video that's coming!

Refurbishing my old dollhouse room box.

This is it.  This was lovingly made by my husband a few years ago when I was in the height of Anorexia.  There wasn't much brain power I had left to enable me to finish this room box, or start it for that matter.  My idea was the left side was to be a bakery with a walk through to a little coffee shop.  
Pink wall paper, hmmm, I know that has to go, and since I have newly acquired painting skills I am thinking the wall needs to be painted.  Should it still be a bakery?  Yes, I really want to do a bakery, with all the miniature polymer clay treats to display in the window.  Mmmm yummy.  The coffee shop I am not to sure of, I might change that into a store room for the bakery shop.  With shelves of all the ingredients and tools they use to make the yummy stuff.  Bags of flour, sprinkles, cream, mixers and whatever else floats my boat I guess.

I will be using the tiles I have made from resin and polymer clay to replace these bland ones I have put down.
Perhaps some green micro bead filled tiles?  I might make a special colour tile just for this.  Gold?  Rose gold?  I am not sure right at this moment in time.  I do know this, I will be videoing my progress and putting them up on my youtube channel.  I will be attempting to make everything from scratch, and that includes the cabinets, the window displays and the furniture.  I will be using a lot of glue, a lot of wood and paint and polymer clay.

I will also be displaying the uses of the products I make that are for sale in my Etsy shop, I think people need to see the product in use.  I will make mistakes, and I will show those mistakes.

This boring old brown room will become the storage room for the bakery.  Everything about this room will be changed.  I might even add some glow in the dark tiles, just for some fun!

I will get started on videoing my progress next week.  This week I have been focusing on getting my first ever Youtube video out there.

My First Youtube Video!!
Making miniature lamingtons and miniature fairy bread.
A sneak peak!!

Yep, those scrummy little cakes, covered in chocolate icing and rolled in coconut, what could be better?  Making them in miniature of course!!  And adding fairy bread to the mix.

In the video I explain the best way I have found to make lamingtons, and how to make the coconut and the sprinkles.  I show a few variations of making lamingtons and the fairy bread.

Lamingtons will be on display in my miniature bakery so I decided they would be a great first video, plus they are Australian!

Here is the link for my Youtube Channel.......MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!

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