Monday, 9 April 2018

Welcome to the world of art obsession

Quick Intro Post

I am an EMERGING artist 😶

A couple of years ago I was almost dead, suffering from Anorexia, 5 kids to look after and a husband.  Nothing could kill the beast inside of me, or even quieten it, until I picked up a paintbrush and started watching Youtube.

Yep, that's me, and I got worse and I didn't care.  Obsessing about weight, but now I obsess about painting.  It's all I think about and it's all I want to do. A year ago I had no idea what Cadmium paint was and how very beautiful it is, the word Quinacridone sounded sublime to me for some reason, and then experimenting with Quinacridone magenta was even better than the word. I thought all paint brushes were like the cheap nasty ones I had from ten years ago, well used by all my children.  Then I got introduced to Filberts, and mop brushes, and angle brushes and oh I could go on and on. 

From my very FIRST painting tutorial I fell in love......A Cinnamon Cooney tutorial with some changes.....

 To my own designs including resin in my painting......

With my faithful Pugalier Loki by my side I can take on any painting, any resin challenges, anything art related, because I am me, and I am proud of who I have become. Also because he is gorgeous and a PUG!!!  He's my baby.


 My goal for this blog is still unclear to even me.  I want to paint, I want to sculpt, I want to try new art materials, I want to talk to artists all over the world.  I want to experiment and review and just be completely covered in art related goodies.  

So if you are interested in watching my art develop (and fail), product reviews, tutorials, seeing how I go following a tutorial and some more PUG pictures, then hang around.

I am going to post weekly, it may be a tutorial, it may be an interview, it could be anything............

From polymer clay experiments and tutorials,

To drawing and colouring,


If there are any requests for a painting, resin or polymer clay tutorial that you would like to see me try, or even make a tutorial of my own just let me know. 

I will post any painting competitions that I come across, as painting is my main obsession.
I will also post any great art related deals that I find at the shops, because I like to SHOP DEALS!!

My first blog post tutorial/product review will be up in a few days.

Soooo if you like doughnuts/donuts, 3d art and resin then stay tuned for my calorie free doughnut coming in my first tutorial this week.  

Instagram account:  kristina Obrien art